Camera & Video

SLR Camera Basics & Photo Composition (5 weeks)

Come along and learn the options on your DSLR or ICLC. Understand your camera settings and when best to use them. Learn how to save photos to the computer, store them and retrieve them. Meet people with similar interests and become involved in taking better images. Our tutor is a skilled photographer and highly qualified instructor.

You also have the opportunity to attend an optional field trip and extra session at the end of the course.

Cost: $90 full, $80 conc. Field trip $50.

Dates: 9:30am – 11:30am Tuesdays,

Proposed start date: 24 April

Proposed field trip and extra session 29 May.


Video Editing for Beginners (10 weeks)

Videos are now easier to make than ever, and with smart phones able to take quality footage there’s never been a better time to learn this incredibly useful skill. This course will introduce learners to the world of video editing where you will learn the basics of putting a video together from start to finish.


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