Health and Wellbeing

Dance & Movement Workshop 

Dance and movement specialist Joanne Watts will support you to make gains in your general mobility, fitness and balance. This class is especially for people who have additional needs; the fitness component is well hidden in a range of co-operative and co-ordinated activities using diverse props and music styles. Get active in a friendly, informal, adaptive setting. People with support workers/carers are welcome.

Cost: $100 full, $90 conc. Carers free.

Move it Well

Need to keep that New Year’s resolution to improve your health and fitness? This class uses a mixture of dance moves, yoga and Pilates based activities to work your coordination, balance, movement, control and strength.  A great way to kick start your mood in a relaxed and kind environment with a dance specialist instructor. Low impact on your joints, with potential for high impact on your mood and health – all up to you.

Cost: $80 full, $70 conc.


The Feldenkrais Method is a way of exploring movement, posture and breathing by encouraging you to focus on the quality of your movement and your movement habits. With qualified Yoga and Feldenkrais instructor Stanley Lithco, you will learn to perform physical activity with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. Please bring: a blanket for warmth, and a small blanket or towel for head support.

Cost: $100 full, $90 conc.

Yoga & Meditation 

Qualified Yoga instructor Stanley Lithco will guide you through this gentle class, focussing on increased flexibility and mobility with reduced stress.
Please bring: a blanket for warmth, and a small blanket or towel for head support.

Cost: $100 full, $90 conc.

Adult Ballet for Absolute Beginners

Always wanted to dance, but missed out in childhood? Learn the basics in this friendly and informal class with Joanne Watts. Gain  an understanding of the principles of ballet, with focus on quality and flow  of movement.   Yes, we can accommodate injuries  and  still give you a beneficial experience! Dress in comfortable clothing.

Cost: $100 full, $90 conc.

Rusty Ballet Shoes

A beginning ballet class for adults only with Joanne Watts. This class is ideal if you’ve had at least one year of ballet learning as an adult…or even danced a little bit way back in childhood! Brush off your ballet shoes and join in! Dress in comfortable clothing.

Cost: $100 full, $90 conc.