Social & Support Groups

ASD Adults’ Support Group

Are you an adult on the autism spectrum, or who thinks that you might be on the spectrum? Do you find that resources for autistic adults are sorely lacking? Would you sometimes like to just be around others who understand? Whether you have Asperger’s, PDD-NOS, Autistic Disorder, or any other form of ASD, and whether you’re formally diagnosed or self-diagnosed,  you’re welcome at this support group for autistic adults, by autistic adults.

Cost:  $2 per session.

Dates: 1pm – 3pm Wednesdays.

Starting on: 18 April.


Book Club

Our lively book club discuss and explore a wide range of literature. Feel free to come along and give it a try.

Cost:  $2 per session.

Dates: 11am – 1pm, second Thursday of the month (10/05, 14/06, 12/07)


Bridge Club

Join our friendly group and make new Bridge friends.

Cost: $1 per hour per person.

Dates: 1:30pm – 4:30pm Wednesdays. 

Starting on: 18 April.


Community Board Games & Card Games

Learn new games or spend time playing games from your childhood such as draughts, checkers, ludo.

Play cards – 500, Wist or Uno etc. Enjoy a laugh, chat, cuppa and a game or two.

Cost: $2 per session.

Dates: 1pm – 3pm Tuesdays.

Starting on: 17 April.


Connecting Community & Newcomers

Catch up with friends, meet new arrivals, and broaden your horizons – for an enjoyable, informative and entertaining afternoon, come along and join us.  Please bring a plate or gold coin donation.

Cost: Plate or gold coin donation.

Dates: 3pm – 4pm, first Tuesday of the month.


Stroke Support Group

Recovering from a stroke? All ages are welcome. Share strategies and enjoy the company of others who understand.

Cost: $2 per session.

Dates: 1pm – 3pm every second Tuesday.

Starting on: 24 April.

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