Tutor Profiles


Angela is a professional photographer with over 12 years experience as a portrait/wedding and commercial studio both in Melbourne and more recently in West Gippsland. Her studio at Darnum is well set up to display her talent.
Angela is well known to the local arts community and is a regular part of the Open Studios West Gippsland. Angela also operates Nickelby at Darnum an alpaca  farm—where Angela also has a shop and café—with alpaca fashions on display including her SAORI weaving. Angela tries to find time to weave or prepare fibre every day as a form of relaxation. Often there are so many tasks going on all at once that the alpacas must think there is a crazy woman running from building to building.



Quentin facilitates many of Warragul Community House’s computer courses. Quentin works with NV Access to develop course material and writing training material for the award winning, free NVDA screen reader particularly for vision impaired computer uses. Quentin is also a software developer for his own company 22 Points. The company make accessible apps, technical material and offers IT consultancy. “Accessibility, Functionality, Quickly!”



Tutors guitar, video editing, info on Internet and email


Joanne is a dance and movement education specialist who has been working with dance for more than 30 years. She has worked with ALL sorts of people including unfit adults with no previous experience, adults with disabilities, preschoolers, actors, frail elderly and people who are fascinated by dance  – ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary etc.  She loves dance in all forms and finds it a feel-good, low risk way to improve mood and take care of body and soul in one session.  She has 3 sons  – aged 19, 17 and 10  (uni, secondary and primary)!


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